Ibrahim Heggi



A graduate in Mechanical Engineering in Egypt. combines profound technical skills with extensive knowledge and professional and personal experience in the humanities and socio-economic fields. After having had to leave his country of origin at a young age, he has rebuilt his professional career on the European continent, as well as his commitment and engagement in defending human rights, especially of young people in contemporary societies in the Middle East. In the last decade Ibrahim has therefore collaborated with the main international organizations active in the defense and promotion of human rights in the world, in particular as a fixer for the Arabic-language mass media in Italy and in other European countries, in addition to personally taking care of insights related to the Mediterranean area. Ibrahim has collaborated for three years in the organization and planning of the event “Sabir Fest – Culture and Mediterranean Citizenship”, and currently works cultural mediator supporting minors in distress with the Arca Onlus Foundation in Milan.

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