To promote exchanges and collaboration among activists on all shores of the Mediterranean working in favour of democracy, rights and freedoms, and economic and ecological sustainability;

To keep alive the value of the Mediterranean as a crossroads, claim back our cities and defend their function as junctures of exchange;

To work with activists, artists and intellectuals who live in countries with authoritarian governments, or in which democracy is threatened, and help us sustain their travel and exchange expenses;

To fulfill collectively writing the Manifesto for Mediterranean Citizenship, and promote its vision of a Free and United Mediterranean.

How To Do It

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Associazione di promozione sociale Maydan

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Banca Popolare Etica, Filiale di Napoli, Centro direzionale, Isola G7 – 80143, Napoli.

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Who we are

The Association is non-profit and follows objectives with civic, solidarity and social utility ends geared to members and their families, third parties or others, by carrying out the following while relying prevalently on the volunteer contributions of its members:


Promoting and safe-guarding human, civil, social and political rights


promoting a culture of lawfulness, peace among peoples, non-violence and unarmed self-defense


cooperating to promote development according to Law no. 125 of 11 August 2014, and successive modifications


organising and managing cultural, artistic or recreational activities of social relevance, also including editorial activities that promote and disseminate culture and volunteerism and general interest activities, according to the Articles of Association


conducting scientific research of social relevance. These initiatives are explicitly oriented toward promoting rights, freedoms and mutual respect between the peoples and nations of the Mediterranean particularly by:
• sharing the knowledge and cultures of the peoples and nations of the Mediterranean among members;
• promoting active citizenship;
• encouraging initiatives for democracy, rights, freedoms, human dignity and mutual respect throughout the Mediterranean;
• sharing experiences, know-how and ideas for cultural expression and citizenship rights in the Mediterranean;
• carrying out social, political and cultural initiatives in Italy and beyond;
• promoting initiatives geared at more in depth-examinations of themes present in the Articles of Association.

how we operate

The Association does not discriminate regarding economic capabilities, nor does it discriminate in any way regarding admitting members. Membership is personal and individual, and associates do not have the right to transfer their membership to any other person, for any reason.
The Association can hold fundraising activities, even in organised and continuative forms and through public solicitation or through the transfer or distribution of goods or services of modest value, utilising its own resources or those of third parties, including volunteers and employees – through donation requests to third parties, bequeathals and contributions of a compensatory nature – in order to finance general interest initiatives while respecting the principles of truth, transparency and appropriateness in its relationship with its supporters and the public.

Commercial activities are only permitted if they are conducted in a marginal or auxiliary manner and, in any case, provided that they are of a secondary nature with respect to the social scope of the Association.

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