Chinyery Namdi



Chinyery Namdi is a Nigerian woman who decided to leave her country of origin with her husband Emmanuel following a bomb explosion by Boko Haram that shook up their lives. Their child was involved and killed in the terrorist attack along with Emmanuel’s parents. In 2015, the couple decided to escape and move to Italy in search of peace and a safe place to start again. While Emmanuel worked, Chinyery had studied medicine for two years in Nigeria. On 5 July 2016, Emmanuel and Chinyery were in the city of Fermo when some people began to make racist comments to Chinyery, insulting her. Her husband intervened to defend her but was shot and killed by one of the perpetrators, Amedeo Mancini. Chinyery has never stopped fighting for justice after the death of her husband Emmanuel. Maydan dedicated the 2016 edition of SabirMaydan to Chinyery.

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